Discounted Pizza T&C's

Tuesday & Thursday.

Orders to be placed between 5 & 7pm


Payment: We accept both Cash & Card including Contactless Payment.

3 sizes available.
Regular $11, Family $16 & Super Family $19
No half half pizzas. Gluten Free N/A

Quoted wait times are an approximate, not a guarantee

What can you order?

Any of the listed pizzas that are printed on our take away menu.

The following changes are also permitted:

  • You may change the sauce to one of your choice.
  • Any single topping is a pizza. Example: A pineapple pizza.
  • Add chili, garlic or oregano - no addition charge.


You can take toppings off your pizzas, but you can't add any on. With the following exceptions :

  • Supreme & Super Supreme pizzas can add anchovy's & olives.
  • Increasing the amount of topping thats already on a pizza. Example: Hawaiian pizza with extra pineapple.

change of sauce or increase of topping will be charged as per menu.

Phone orders:

 If you don't get the option for discounted pizzas when you call, you've either called to early or to late.
Don't waist our time or yours as you'll be asked to call back.
Don't rush to get your order in, you have 2 hours.

If you can't get through on the phones, you may come in to place your order.

Ordering times are strict. 5pm start & 7pm finish with no exceptions even if you are my mum ;-)